Happy as a June Bee
Happy as a June Bee
Happy as a June Bee

Happy as a June Bee

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Digitally printed in Ireland from an original painting by Caroline Dilworth.

Bright, cheerful and detailed cotton tea-towel. 

Bees are the soundtrack of a healthy garden during the warmer months. Gifting bees and their images is said to bring good health and good wealth to the recipient.  

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a tea-towel as, “ ...a cloth for drying dishes.”  Made of linen, cotton, or a combination of the two Tea-towels date back to England in the 18th Century when they were used for more than drying dishes.  They were used to cover baked foods cooling from the oven, insulate tea-pots and gently dry fine china . During this time they were often embroidered and gifted to friends and family.  They add a decorative touch to a tea-tray and look pretty in a kitchen.

Made using sustainable cotton, with a hanging loop.

Sizing is approximate

45cm x 65cm