That's not me in the photo!

That's my friend. Actually the two you see in this photo are both my friends.

Aisling is my friend who models Les Papillons for me. You'll get to know her. She's lovely; lives a stones throw away from me and is the first person I call to model, give her opinion on new ranges and have a Gin Night with.

The other friendly face in the photo is Fat Flint. He's not fat. It is a term of endearment. Flint is a very good natured pie-bald pony, who I brought home from Scotland.  I feared that he would end up in a can if I left him behind me. He is arthritic...like me.... and a geriatric gent. He tends to open doors and walk about the kitchen robbing the contents of the fruit bowl!

I use Flint's stable for photos as it provides a sheltered photography position in daylight. He loves the attention and carrots we bribe him with to stop him snuffling the products being photographed. 

Here's a wee ditty I wrote about Flint a few years ago. Some of you may have already heard it.

 Flint's Ode to a Bucket

Where would one be without a bucket?
A truly marvelous thing
The sound of a rattling bucket makes one's heart skip joyfully and SING!

In this wet and miserable weather
that's surrounding me today
I'd sooner be inside with my bucket and a sizable portion of hay.

I'm slightly obsessed with my bucket.
In fact any bucket will do
I like dipping my nose in a bucket
to find something lovely to chew.

In my endeavors to find a full bucket
I will break through any fence.
the temptation of a bucket is a temptation
I can simply not resist.

It often results in a problem,
but a clever pony knows
that a problem solving solution is a bucket
for my ever inquisitive nose! 

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