Caroline Dilworth - Les Papillons

I have a small workroom at home in Shanmullagh West, Irvinestown. I live with my family and some much loved pets. The door opens to a country garden, with views out across Benaughlin and Belmore Mountains, towards the Cliffs of Magho. Much of my work is inspired by this place, along with childhood memories and the practicalities of a country life.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. My great uncle was a talented artist and apparently I was the only one in our family…” who could paint and was worth teaching!”  My skies are his skies. His voice is in my head when I struggle with light and movement. 

Having once concentrated on large sprawling landscapes and equine art my hands became arthritic and painting became too painful.  

I truly believe painting is good for the soul and it settles the mind. Not painting was not an option for me and I soon found that if I painted small the pain was manageable and my mood improved. But what do you do with tiny paintings?  Wear them! It took a few years to develop  a technique that allowed paintings to be worn and to withstand our temperamental weather.

Painted jewellery is a beautiful addition to anyone's jewellery box. Truly personal landscapes attached to a memory and animal portraits attached to one's heart. Quirky Les Papillons earrings can be a conversation starter.  All are original works of art. The perfect gift for the person who has everything.

Then tiny paintings became homeware and apparel.

My home (and workroom) straddles the County borders of Fermanagh and Tyrone. In fact for a long time the name and the spelling of the road I live on was debated: was it the  Tullynin Road, or the Tullylin Road?  Someone somewhere changed the county lines and gave the roads new names, so the answer is the Tullynincrin Road!

I hope you enjoy browsing and if you spot any spelling mistakes let me know!

Caroline x