New Lamp Design.

It was the `1970s when they stopped making wooden spools for ribbons and threads, in favour of much cheaper plastics.  In the 70s there wasn't much thought put into polluting.

Growing up in Northern Ireland during that time was about entertaining yourself. I loved to play with my Grans' Singer sowing machine. She had three in the house. I'm not sure why. They were riddled with woodworm, but they still worked and I used to sew rags together to dress the (wooden) peg and spool dolls. These memories are where the idea for the lamp bases came from.

I spent my childhood playing with dogs, looking for horses and riding motor bikes. My first was when I was 10. It was a Italjet50cc!  On quieter days I'd be sewing remnant fabrics on one of the Singers. Wooden spools of ribbon and thread were beautiful. The plastic ones these days don't possess the same charm. This lamp base and twine is a nostalgic look back on how things used to be made. I collaborated with Tracy and Declan from Ballynagran Crafts, Tyrone. They specialise in wood turning. Once I had the raw base at home waxed it and wrapped twine around it.

The Les Papillons Spool Lamp is topped off with a shade, which is printed from one of my paintings, printed by Noreen in Donegal.

I have one of these lamps available on line. If you would like to order more get in touch. They would look perfect as a pair of bedside lamps, or a quirky side lamp.






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